Requests conditions- PLEASE READ

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Requests conditions- PLEASE READ

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 10, 2008 3:55 pm

- You cannot detail a lengthy scenario and expect me to reproduce it exactly. Just suggest general aspects which you would like to see and I should be able to include it in my work easily!
- If you want to request work privately, please just email me through the homepage but unless you intend to pay to have the clips made just for you, you should be aware that if created, your request will be available for all users to view.
- Use your head! If you see 3+ requests posted recently, by all means add your own but do not expect it to appear in the next update (probably the one after that)
- Youtube will remove any videos that contain nudity so if any is requested, there may be a delay until I have uploaded it to rapidshare or mediafire.



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