2 pretty girls

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2 pretty girls

Post  Jahroe on Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:49 pm


First: respect for your doing and thanks for your being Wink

I really would prefer 2 pretty girls about twenty years old, wearing jeans, ballerina shoes (you know them?) and nylon socks. I see so many of them in the city currently. It is fashionably here.

I would see one of them girls taking one shoe off in front of a guy. Then pushing/pumping the top of his erected cock with her nylon toes back to his belly). In the same time the other girl in front of him , kicking his balls several times with the back of her foot (still wearing ballerina shoes).
He falls on the floor. The girls keep stomping and kicking his groin with her nylon soles, shoes and toes (maybe until he co…).

I hope you share my imagination

Greets Jahroe


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